Welcome to the North Carolina Health and Safety Survey Installation section for WS.

For further information and details, please check out our documentation website for varios guides using WS, including reporting. Click here to access WS Documentation
This webpage contains links to documentation and installation instructions that will guide you through installing the Health and Safety surveys and reports to WS. There guide includes three parts:

  1. Upgrading WS to the latest version
  2. Use the import/export tool to add the Health and Safety surveys to your WS.
  3. Import the Health and Safety reports into your WS.

Please remember that the client upgrade needs to be done on every computer in house that has WS installed.

UNC Installation Instructions

The following installation instructions goes over the method to install Osnium’s WS software.

There are two parts to the installation. The server installation and the client installation.

  1. The server acts as a data store and will be the central hub of WS, in which all client computers will communicate back and forth with the server. Because of this it is recommended that the server be the most powerful computer in house, or have a dedicated server to host this application. This installation only needs to be done once.
  2. The client installation needs to be done on every computer in house that needs to access WS. This installation is much shorter than the server install.

Please get as far with this install as you or your IT Tech can by following the instructions given. If you run into problems feel free to sign up for a 30 min Q&A session or a full hour install session. All assistance from Osnium is debited to your annual support hours. Instructions for signup below.

  1. Download the latest version of WS (Download WS 11.2.25).
  2. Follow the upgrade document (Instructions here).
  3. Try logging in to WS. If you can login, the upgrade was completed successfully.
  1. Backup existing database on server (Instructions here).This step is very important in case any issue occurs while importing the Health and Safety Surveys.
  2. Download the import document (Download link).
  3. Open the “Import/Export” Data tool in WS
  4. Set the operation to “Import”, and then use the ellipse button “…” to the right of the File Path field to browse to the file on your computer. Finally, set the Binary Data Path to the same folder as the import file. Click finish and wait for WS to give you a pop up message informing you that the import has completed.
  5. Verify that the surveys have been imported by checking the field set list. You can view the field set list from “Navigation Menu > Other > Field Set”. If the import was successful you should see Health Interview Time 1 and 2, Safety Interview Time 1 and 2.
  6. Please Remember:Do not close WS during the import process. Do not run the import process more than once. If the import failed, restore the database and try the import again (Restore Database Instructions).

Importing Health and Safety Reports

  1. Download the report zip archive (Download Link).
  2. Extract the report files to a folder.
  3. Import the reports into WS (Instructions Link).