Helping You Help Others

Osnium Campus is designed to meet the needs of higher education sexual assault data collection, Osnium Campus reduces the time spent recording and tracking details allowing advocates to spend more time supporting campus survivors.

Easily Track

Incidents (On/Off-Campus)
Advocacy Services/Accommodations
Administrative Processes
Criminal Processes
Professional Development
Community Outreach

Customize exactly what you need to track!

Easily Report

Utilize our standard Flex Reports to report on all the data you track
Display Reports allow you to convert any digital record into a printable file

Need specific custom reports?
Osnium can develop one-click reports to take away the hassle of apply multiple filters and generate exactly what you need

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on how we can help take the stress away from reporting!

Flexible Data Collection

Osnium was developed with flexibility in mind. As reporting and data collection needs change over time, Osnium is designed to adapt. From the flexible reporting system to customizable layouts, Osnium can be modified to meet the data collection and reporting needs specific to your campus.

Easy Reporting

Osnium can help you uncover and highlight trends in campus sexual assaults. Easily access the software report library to run incident, service, accommodation, or a wide variety of other reports. Generate and compare outreach and awareness reports to help inform and evaluate campus advocacy efforts over time.

Own Your Database

Purchasing an Osnium license entitles you to load the software on an unlimited number of computers with unlimited user accounts at no additional cost.

User-Friendly Tracking

The user-friendly layout of Osnium ensures that all case management and outreach details can be quickly entered with the consistency and accuracy needed for generating statistical reports.

Safe Data Storage

Osnium strongly believes that agencies should own and maintain complete control of their client data. Your data will remain securely on your server giving you 100% control over who can access your case information. Access to your case information can never be revoked.

Technical Support

Osnium’s support experts are available to assist with any technical issues that arise while using our software. Contract support by email, phone, or book an appointment for fast, friendly assistance.

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