• Osnium Client & Case Management Software


    Customize the database screens with ease to be able to track exactly what you need. Structure the layout and data entry flow as you want it, be able to rename fields to match your organization's terminology, and customize your own lists of drop-downs. Data requirements change, keep your data collection up to date with Osnium Software!

  • Osnium Client & Case Management Software

    Simple and Precise Reporting

    Instead of spending hours upon end, let Osnium generate those funder reports with the click of a button. VOCA | STOP/VAWA | FVPSA | OVW |HUD COC APR and ESG CAPER and many more!

  • Osnium Client & Case Management Software


    Data changes all the time, quickly gain insights into the most important aspects of your data with Dashboards.

  • Osnium Client & Case Management Software

    Fast & Friendly Technical Support

    Osnium's support experts are here to help you with any technical issues or inquires that may arise while using our software.


Osnium: Agency & Shelter

Osnium helps simplify the complex data collection and reporting requirements essential to sexual assault and domestic abuse support providers. The user-friendly design and layout enable fast and accurate data entry and reporting for VOCA, FVPSA, STOP/VAWA, HUD, and many more!

Osnium: Campus

If you are looking for a database to help your campus advocate, Osnium: Campus is perfect for you. Our software makes it easy to track the incidents, services, and outreach events provided by advocates, allowing them more time to focus on their clients.

Osnium: PD Victim Advocates

Case Management and Reporting Software designed to meet the data collection and reporting requirements of crime victim liaisons and advocates reporting to VOCA.

Osnium: Coalition

Software designed to meet the data collection and reporting requirements of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalitions.

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What people say

  • LifeWire has used Osnium for many years as our program database. The database is thoughtfully constructed and adaptable; we are able to easily adjust it as our program needs change. As a non-profit organization that needs data to support our services – but does not want data collection or maintenance to overtake our mission – we appreciate the customer service team’s quick and knowledgeable responses to our requests for assistance and system enhancement.

    Kim McCaulou, Deputy Director- Lifewire

  • As a director of a nonprofit, it is so refreshing to work with vendors like Osnium. I feel that customer support is important to this company as they take the time to listen and address all of our concerns. Their technical support staff are thorough, knowledgeable, personable and want to ensure we are always satisfied. Even though the software was designed for domestic violence shelters, their technical support staff are able to address the unique needs of our non-shelter agency. It’s impressive to see the customer support technicians in action, always able to get it done and do it right the first time.

    Leanne Graham- VAP

  • I have been amazed that Osnium's tech support has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Tech support has been fantastic. They have responded quickly to my emails. They are correcting our issues in a timely manner. So few other tech support companies know how to talk to the average customer without using a great deal of "tech speak" and jargon. Osnium’s tech support staff has the ability to communicate with me and understand our needs. As our needs and reporting obligations change, Osnium has been able to help me make needed adjustments to our database to accommodate these changes. The data entry is flexible and simple yet able to give complex reporting information. I've really found that Geoff, and the Osnium Team understand our needs and what we do.

    Laurie Fiant, Women's Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo, CA

  • We came across Osnium Software through recommendations from other universities and were pleasantly surprised to find how suitable their software was to our needs. We were looking for a software with local hosting options that was able to collect and store a lot of information, but not slow down our systems in the process. The software we were given would also let us extract smaller amounts of information whenever we needed it. The university-friendly format and reporting of Osnium made it an easy choice for us in the end.

    Meg Chuhran, Lead Victim Advocate, Violence Prevention & Response, MIT


Let Osnium's technical expertise lead you through your project from kick-off to completion.


Osnium dedicates time to work with clients to customize the configuration of the software so that it meets their reporting and everyday data collection requirements. Clients have full access to a testing environment and can actively access the software throughout the implementation process.

Technical Project Management

Whether a project needs a full-time Project Manager and technical staffing – or just an extra resource to keep things on-track and well-documented – Osnium can help.


Osnium is proud to have staff available to train clients with comprehensive, insightful and clear instruction on our products. We are available for training in person or remotely. To maximize the learning potential, we customize each training session according to our client’s needs.

Technical Support

Osnium’s support experts are available to assist you with any technical issues or inquiries that arise while using our software. Contact our support team by phone, email or book an appointment for fast, friendly assistance.

Data Conversion

Osnium works with our clients to convert client data from their existing database into our products. These conversions allow our client’s to carry over reference data into their new database.

Custom Report Services

Our team is highly knowledgeable about the reporting requirements of our customers. We understand that reporting requirements change often and are a key part of their business. We are available to create new funder, display and generic reports as our customer’s needs change.