Version 19

OSNIUM v19.0 improves on the software’s security, and stability as well as provides some minor bug fixes and corrections.

OSNIUM v19.0 was released on March 15, 2019 please see the information below for v19.0 release notes

  1. General performance improvements.
  2. Font size button – select font size on a user by user basis.
  3. Fix to the full-text search – now excludes calculated fields.
  4. Added ‘Email model file to Osnium’ button.
  5. Fix for maintenance actions for people connecting with a username and password instead of integrated authentication.
  6. Added ReportFunder and ReportFunderMatch to ActivitySessionType.
  7. HUD – Default new HUD date based on the Stay Admission or Discharge date.
  8. HUD – Coordinated Entry Information added.
  9. HUD – Ability to run HUD Report for multiple project locations.
  10. Stays – Copy Stay to Children shows a pop-up window to select specific children.
  11. Copy Address to Child/Dependant from Client.
  12. Program Options – Prompt for Main Victimization.
  13. Program Options – Database Size and Limit Notification.
  14. Data Import Collector/Map – New functionality to import data from outside sources
  1. None at this time.

Please see the information below for v18.0 release notes

  1. General performance improvements.
  2. Added new theme options.
  3. Added relationship between call and alleged abuser.
  4. Fixed field set export/import completed message.
  5. Addressed error occurring when selecting a service type on a cloned service.
  6. Added simple dashboard export function.
  1. Corrected military year validation issue with HUD records.
  2. Fixed issue with save prompt not showing in certain situations.

os-soft v17.2 was released October 1, 2017. This update ensures the os-soft HMIS/HUD module will continue to meet the current HUD reporting requirements (CoC APR and ESG CAPER HMIS Programming Specifications, August 2017).

Along with updates to the HMIS/HUD module, we have developed a number of other software updates to improve performance and provide users the ability to create tasks and schedule alerts within os-soft.

Visit our FAQ page for instructions on using the new task function.

Please see the information below for detailed v17.2 release notes

  1. Fixed Activity Session Staff filters category bug.
  2. Corrected issue affecting profiles when selecting Date/Time.
  3. Added indicator to show main victimization in victimization record.
  4. Fixed bug affecting protected content within roles.
  5. Fixed bug causing error when creating a bad filter.
  6. Modification to staff Update Permission selection.
  7. Added function to allow the import of a database when logging into os-soft on a machine if there is no database present.
  8. Fixed bug causing error when saving report with special characters in report name.
  9. Fixed Scheduler bug that showed entries in Education or Staff Training in all staff’s schedules.
  10. Fixed bug preventing Save & Copy function until after a “Save”.
  11. Fixed bug displaying audit trail when “Show Audit Trail” not selected.
  12. Added Required Field Color to Program Options.
  13. Added ability to find Last day in the month to be utilized by reports.
  14. Fixed bug causing Local Backup feature timeout error.
  15. Added notes on School Information object.
  16. Fixed bug causing error when the following message is received: “You are currently connecting to the wrong database, please change your connection details”
  17. Fixed bug causing “Copy Stay to Children” message to be asked twice.
  18. Updated Activation message.
  19. Adjusted Activities to make Subject and Description read only.
  20. Fixed bug with Show in Scheduler function not being filtered correctly.
  21. Added ability to convert RTF to HTML.
  22. Added text field for staff role description.
  23. Added Copy Query Definition to Ribbon.
  24. Updated the Send Log File text.
  25. Updated design to Model File.
  26. Added ability to show charts and graphs in a dashboard.
  27. Fixed bug prompting to update online config if just downloaded.
  28. Fixed null reference exception that occurred when creating new Activity Sessions before saving open client records.
  29. “Rule Required Field Persistent” Object and ListView changes.
  30. Added ability to remove the Summary bar at the bottom of a grid.
  31. Fix to stop duration fields from being set as negative time increments.
  32. Added a pop-up text field to the HTML Editor.
  33. Fixed bug allowing services to be saved without completing required fields during bulk entry.
  34. Fixed bug that prevented some menus and actions from following the selected text font and size.
  35. Removed ability to customize fields that are already added to the Detail View.
  36. Bug resulting in global required fiends not always being required was corrected.
  37. Fixed bug with Validate Import Sheet (Import/Export Data) where progress bar continued to display after exception occurs.
  38. Made Version Number, Modified Date and Version Date read only on spreadsheet reports.
  39. Fixed issue with Change Type not coping aggregates and some properties.
  40. Corrected issue with Create Version on Reports.
  41. Made Created By/Taken By editable.
  42. Added Lock Date field to Program Options (DateTime).
  43. Added Criteria Function to get value from Program Options.
  44. Added Alert Note on GenericPerson.
  45. Fixed issue with new filter creation using the Ribbon Filter Section.
  46. Made New action a simple button instead of a drop down if it only contains a single item.
  47. Added concurrent Stay to GenericPerson Activity.
  48. Added Sort Order to Sort Filters.
  49. Removed existing webcam functionality and utilized integrated webcam options.
  50. Added Callback Name and Callback Number to Call.
  51. Added ability to support high DPI displays.
  52. Fixed issue with Full Name on Stay and Client not truly calculating.
  53. Fixed issue with Remote Authentication when creating new users.
  54. Fixed bug with Like Operator.
  55. Added font size control for users.
  56. Corrected issue with Nights Away calculation.
  57. Changed Age from string to integer on GenericPerson and made Non-Persistent.
  58. Fixed issue where Filtering Criterion errors out if the Type doesn’t exist.
  59. Addressed issue with os-soft launching with null database name field.
  60. Added maintenance features for Rebuild and Reorganize Indexes.
  61. Corrected issue with creating a new user when you are under a Survey.
  62. Fixed bug where Save and New not auto filling initial values on Activity Session.
  63. Fixed issue preventing view, edit, and add comments under a survey line item.
  64. Added Program selector to os-soft.
  65. Fixed issue with Show Business Object Info action not working correctly.
  66. Update to include Copy note from GP_Activity to all new activities when using the split activity feature.
  67. Update to make all os-soft classes implement a custom base object.
  68. Fixed issue preventing address fields from being set as an initial value.
  69. Added feature linking Notifications to objects.
  70. Corrected issue where FilteringCriterionVC errors out when there is a FilteringCriterionInfo object with a null type.
  71. Addressed issue with Re-entrancy or cross thread exception when logging in.
  72. Changed Age At Time Of Session on GenericPerson_Activity to calculated and non-persistent.
  73. Fixed issue with Response Set Layout Control when setting field caption to bold when it is not a Label Control.
  74. Added model file version.
  75. Updated error log submission form.
  76. Fixed issue where os-soft logs in user as domain\system in place of domain\username when software first installed.
  77. Updated Training Time object to have an Add/Remove list.
  78. Update Call List View to prompt when selecting call currently associated with a Client.
  79. Update client profile to prompt when adding a child currently associated with another client.
  80. Victimization objects now have a list of GenericPerson Activities.
  81. Activity now has a Name property.
  82. Automatic scripts from Pt are now sorted by Order By instead of the date added.
  83. Reviewed view controllers to see if they handle the current object changed.
  84. Various performance improvements were made.
  85. os-soft will now only import reports if it meets the minimum version requirements.
  86. Fixed issue when searching on a detached tab.
  1. Added functionality to rename Start Date, End Date and Blackout Date in Spreadsheet reporting.
  2. Update to Spreadsheet Report to give exports to PDF the report name rather than default to “Document”.
  3. Added details to Spreadsheet Report export.
  4. Added Version Date and Version number to Create Version Spreadsheet Reports.
  5. Fixed issue with Update All Queries on Spreadsheet Reporting.
  6. Fixed bug where Spreadsheet Reports exports weren’t importing the Category when imported on another database.
  7. Fixed issue XafReports that are imported not importing the full Description (if more than 1 line).
  8. Fixed issue with XafReports being imported with “(2)” when there is no existing name of that report.
  9. HUD Object update – Notes field height adjusted to be consistent within all Detail Views.
  10. HUD Object update – Import Veteran enum into Project Entry.
  11. HUD Object update – Added Project Location and Project ID.
  12. HUD Object update – Project Location is required and should not be ignored if null.
  13. HUD Object update – Residential Move-in Date renamed to Housing Move-in date.
  14. HUD Object update – Changed Gender wording.
  15. HUD Object update – Removed Housing Status.
  16. HUD Object update – Removed “Section 8, public housing or other ongoing rental assistance” and “Temporary rental assistance” from Non-Cash Benefits.
  17. HUD Object update – Removed “If yes, documentation of the disability and severity on file” and “If yes, currently receiving services”.
  18. HUD Object update – Removed PATH ONLY options for mental health & substance abuse.
  19. HUD Object update – Removed “Location of contact” and added “Client is literally homeless” in its place.
  20. HUD Object update – Removed Referrals provided.
  21. HUD CoC Report – Addressed issue with Q26 incorrectly counting Chronically Homeless.
  22. Added ability to include captions on Generic Reports.
  23. Fixed issue with GenericPerson Activity returning Concurrent Stay incorrectly.
  24. Addressed issue with Bed Nights not calculating properly.
  25. Set Copy Selected Results to only be enabled when Result(s) are selected.
  26. HUD – Add Disabling Condition and Disabling Condition Type to HUD Exit model file.
  27. HUD CoC APR – Addressed issue with Q6d Chronically Homeless not calculating correctly.
  28. Corrected issue with Pivot Grid in Query Definition not “saving” changes.
  29. HUD – Unduplicated “Effective Date” in HUD Object model file.
  30. HUD CoC APR Report – Update Q19a2, Q19a3.
  31. HUD APR COC 6b – Addressed Project Entry Date error.
  32. Fixed issue with blank query details in XafReports.
  33. Fixed issue where you couldn’t create a HUD record from a nested list view embedded in another list/detail view.
  34. Fixed issue where “Update Query Definitions” button didn’t update Pivot Grids.
  35. Updated Query Result Field Param’s Property Name field to allow for more characters to be entered.
  36. Updated Spreadsheet Reports to turn yellow when updated.
  37. Exporting a report now warns user if it is not versioned properly.

Please see the information below for detailed v15.1.4 release notes

  1. Included WS Automated Update Feature. This update solution automatically pushes WS updates out to individual installations/workstations.
  2. Added the ability to use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste activities in the Scheduler.
  3. Added Split Activity functionality so that a batch activity can be split into separate activities for each client/participant.
  4. Duplicate Watcher triggered when Converting Call to Client (look up current First and Last Name).
  5. Added “Copy Stay to Child(ren)” functionality. When adding a stay for a Client, there is the option to copy the stay to the Child(ren)’s profile(s).
  6. Created default roles in the software.*
  7. Added a description field on the Scheduler for Outreach Activities, Training Time and Volunteer Time.
  8. Made the description for Outreach Activities visible on the Scheduler.
  9. Added the ability to add County field to Outreach Activities.
  10. Included Validation for specific views.
  11. Updated “Set as Initial Value” on Date and Time fields to set the initial value as today.
  12. Added “Save Customization Summary” feature that creates a document displaying all model file customizations (Customization Implementation Sheet).
  13. Included a coma separated list of service topics on an activity session so that they can be shown in a list view.
  14. Added the ability to add Created By field to Financial Assistance (default to logged in user but use Tools>Program Options > “Default Logged on Staff to Activity”)
  15. Added ‘Days to keep log file’ to the configuration options.
  16. Added Duplicate Watcher on every object that has “Name” (i.e.: Gender, Race, Language, etc.)
  17. Created restriction, so it does not allow the last column to be removed from a list view or look up list view.
  18. Added more fields to the HUD Object List View.
  19. Added Additional Rules on Income and Source Area on HUD Object.
  20. HUD – Health Insurance Section Updates. Added a Private Pay Health Insurance Option, and the ability to add in a reason if not covered by health insurance.
  21. Removed “New” button on Services Bulk Entry.
  22. Checking Dates in WS: Added a message when you try to save a date out of the accepted SQL date range.
  23. Added ability to add “Assigned To” field on Waiting List which defaults to the logged in user.
  24. Added the ability to see the list of victimizations for an abuser.
  25. Added fields to Financial Assistance to track non-cash items and number of units
  26. Added the ability to add File Attachments to a Call.
  27. Added the ability to add Phone Numbers to Staff.
  28. Created a new Training Time object (comparable to the Volunteer Time object- all the same features).
  29. Added the ability to add an Image/Logo to Program Options.
  30. Added the ability to bypass Integrated Authentication and require Login.
  31. Added a “New” button in the Generic Person List which provides the ability to create a new “Child” or “Alleged Abuser”
  32. In “Show Business Object Info”, added a column to the “Property Info” list that shows the renamed caption of the Object.
  33. Revised Call Duration Rule to provide warning that duration must be greater than 0 but will still allow user to save.
  34. Added the ability to set an Initial Value in HTML.
  35. Added Duration in Hours sum total on a List View.
  36. Changed Basic Lookups (i.e.: Gender, Race, Lookup1-22, etc.) so that users cannot create a custom field with no data.
  37. Added filter to secondary activity session types.
  38. Added an option on a role to disable the ability to reset passwords for other users.
  39. Updated the Product Version in “App Info” to include the Program and Features Version.
  40. Revised wording on required, warning and information messages.
  41. Updated Staff Lookup to show Full Name (as usual) but to show User Name if blank.
  42. Added the ability to add Staff Member to all Activity types (i.e.: Admin Time, Vol Time, Non-Working Time, Outreach, etc.).
  43. In the Backup Area, added a message for when Backups are started and completed.
  44. When using “Select an object to merge with…”, updated the List View to have the default ListView of that object (i.e.: Generic Person ListView or Client ListView).

Some added features will not automatically appear with the upgrade. You must customize the layout to include these features. For Example: To track Staff Phone Numbers, and file attachments on Calls, you must customize the layout.


Some added features will not automatically appear with the upgrade. You must customize the layout to include these features. For Example: To track Staff Phone Numbers, and file attachments on Calls, you must customize the layout.

*6.  Roles created include:

  • Administrator- Full access to WS
  • Administrator (No Customization)
    • Disable Customization
    • Full access to WS
  • Staff (Limited)
    • Disabled Customization
    • Disabled Required Fields and Initial Values
    • Cannot Edit Model
    • Cannot Delete Records
    • Cannot Access Staff List (From main menu)
    • Cannot Access Roles
    • Cannot add new values to drop downs
    • Cannot “Open Item” and modify values of drop downs (including Add/Remove lists)
  • Staff (Read Only) – Read only permissions to WS
  • Volunteer
    • Cannot Access Client Data
    • Cannot access Scheduler from main menu
    • Can only access Outreach, Administrative Time, Volunteer Time, Non-Working Time

  1. Fixed bug in Custom Fields Editor, where an item would not save if the type was changed.
  2. Duration in Hours (up/down arrow) revised to work like the Duration in Minutes (same increments).
  3. Generic Person and Activity Session filter on Category List is now updated when Staff is changed.
  4. Ensured proper fields mapping to Client in the Convert Call to Client function.
  5. List of Staff only shows Staff listed as “Is Active”.
  6. Fixed Save and Copy of object when “Set as Initial Value” is being used.
  7. Edited the process in Model Editor/BO designer to make it easier to access with auto logout.
  8. Fixed Read Only permissions so that they cannot modify survey responses.
  9. Fixed error with custom buttons in RTF Editor.
  10. Fixed auto-increment bug in field set order.
  11. Fixed issue in “HUD Assigned CoC Code” that displayed Oid in the field instead of the value (Name) from the list.
  12. Fixed Insurance Coverage object not displaying properly when selected (ie: “WS.Module.Models.Generic.InsuranceCoverage(0a96a0e3-723a-4af3-9b08-8d1eace65475)”)
  13. Fixed the error in the Generic Person Activity Detail View that Duration in Minutes increased by 1 even though the Duration Interval was 15 in the Model File.
  14. Fixed error occurring when minimizing WS and trying to return focus to it.
  15. Fixed error to include appointments that were not showing on the scheduler.
  16. Full Screen Field Set editing now shows the Prev/Next/Cancel buttons (previously hidden behind Windows Task bar).
  17. Addressed error when Setting Initial Value on numeration.
  18. Updated the “Call ListView” View Controller to work with a Boolean on the Program Options screen so the Call List View does not open a new call every time.
  19. Fixed the Ribbon to show all of the actions when you first load a detail view from a list view.
  20. Updated Clinical Notes ListView to allow more than one record to be selected at once.
  21. Enhanced role security functionality: Staff Limited unable to remove client from client list.
  22. Re-enabled Print Form on DetailViews and ListViews
  23. Updated Calls to include Estimated Age Integer with the Date of Birth
  24. Included an option to not restore previously open tabs when you close and reopen the software.
  25. Removed unusable options from the custom fields editor.
  26. Updated the Edit Model button to show a list of options regardless of where you click it.
  27. Fixed bug with the Ribbon when WS was minimized.
  28. Adjusted label spacing in Child Detail View.
  29. Fixed error on – Opened Program Options > Custom Field Editor > Rule Based Properties Error out.
  30. Added a filter to Funder, when Session Type is chosen on a Generic Person Activity.
  31. Fixed Call Type Template to append to, rather than overwrite what already exists in the Call Notes.
  32. Fixed Topic so that it cannot be added with a blank Name.
  33. Fixed issue checkbox “Can Edit Own Schedule”.
  34. Added the ability to select multiple races in HUD.
  35. Automatically run WS after installation.
  36. Removed the ability to create a survey from anywhere.

  1. Included the ability to add customer parameters (such as Funder, Session Type) in the Aggregate function (expression editor).
  2. In Query Definition Reporting, added the ability to export Query Definitions.
  3. Added the ability to import spreadsheet reports without going into the design mode.
  4. Add Debugging Capacity to Query Reporting.
  5. Modified CTRL+S in SpreadSheet Report to be Save instead of Save As function.
  6. Trigger Save button in SpreadSheet reporting, when modifying a cell format or removing cells.
  7. Trigger Save button in SpreadSheet reporting, when one “Updates All Queries”.
  8. Default Model includes a reporting dashboard, which includes XafReport and Spreadsheet on one screen.
  9. Updated Spreadsheet Reports to include Description, Version Number, Version Date, Modification Date, and Favourite.
  10. Spreadsheet Additional Parameters set to previous values when re-opening a report.
  11. Allowed the ability in Spreadsheet Reports to go back into WS to review details.
  12. Query Comparison Tool shows the details of an object.
  13. Added the option to reject the import of query definitions that have the same global ID as an existing definition.
  14. Added Run Query result button in the Ribbon to sort the list of Query results.
  15. Double clicking on a Query Result Cell or Label (Spreadsheet and XfaReport) pops up a List View of the Object and results for debugging.
  16. Added same popups to the Spreadsheet Import/Export as the XafReports.
  17. Query Definition import refreshes the QueryDefinition_ListView (or Dashboard) when completed.

  1. Fixed Bug where Format String did not work on Query Results.
  2. Issue with saving duplicate Report Names.
  3. Import Report button was only visible if there are Spreadsheets in the list.
  4. Execute Report now only able to Execute a Report if it is Saved (ie: just after Updating Query Definitions).
  5. Ability to version reports.
  6. In Spreadsheet Report Designer queries only updating when click Update.
  7. In Custom Fields Editor, Abuse Type was not saving columns.
  8. Spreadsheet Report unable to Update All Queries.
  9. Query Definitions relationships getting lost on reports when imported to different database.