Welcome to the Alabama Installation guide.

For further information and details, please check out our documentation website for various guides, including reporting. Click here to access WS Documentation

Alabama Installation Instructions

The following installation instructions goes over the method to install Osnium’s WS software.

There are two parts to the installation. The server installation, and the client installation.

  1. The Server acts as a data store and will be the central hub of WS, in which all client computers will communicate back and forth with the server. Because of this it is recommended that the server be the most powerful computer in house, or have a dedicated server to host this application. This installation only needs to be done once.
  2. The client installation needs to be done on every computer in house that needs to access WS. This installation is much shorter than the server install.
  1. Standalone Server Installation (instructions here)
  2. Restoring Database
    1. Download default database (download here)
    2. Restoring Database on SQL Server (instructions here)
    3. Once restored and Client Install is complete; You can login to WS using Administrator as the UserName and Password of ABC123, please note that the password is CaSE sENSitIVe.
  1. Verify Workstation Requirements (see here)
  2. Download latest version of WS for Alabama (download WS 15.2.20)
  3. Install WS (and connecting WS to the restored database (instructions here)
  4. Login for the first time (using UserName and password from the Server Install.