Helping you Help Others

os-soft is a case and client management software specifically for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and related social service agencies.

Use os-soft to easily track client, child and perpetrator demographics, client services, shelter stays/bed nights, hotline calls, referrals, community outreach, staff training and volunteers.

With os-soft, users have the ability to set required fields, access built-in reports, link records, export data, do batch entries, set permission levels and customize the layout.

Customizable Layout

The customizable layout allows for a user-friendly experience that will always meet your needs. During our hands-on implementation process we ensure the database collects all of your required data elements.

HMIS Comparable

os-soft is a HMIS/HUD comparable database, meaning our database is consistent with HMIS Data and Technical Standards and meets HPRP reporting requirements. The database is equipped with both the ESG Caper and APR reports. The ESG Caper is produced in the required CSV format and can be uploaded to the eCart tool.

Built in Reports

Easily access display, generic and one-click funder reports. To run our built in funder reports, simply select a data range and click submit. These reports can be run monthly, quarterly and annually.

We have developed funder reports for HUD ESG Caper in CSV format, HUD APR, VOCA, VAWA, FVPSA, SASP and more!