Welcome to the NCCADV Installation and Reporting section for WS. Please refer to the navigation menu on the left hand side of this page.

For further information and details, please check out our documentation website for various guides using WS, including reporting. Click here to access WS Documentation

Installation Instructions

The following installation instructions go over the method to install Osnium WS software.

There are two parts to the installation. The server installation, and the client installation.

  1. The server acts as a data store and will be the central hub of WS, in which all client computers will communicate back and forth with the server. Because of this it is recommended that the server be the most powerful computer in house, or have a dedicated server to host this application. This installation only needs to be done once.
  2. The client installation needs to be done on every computer in house that needs to access WS. This installation is much shorter than the server install.
  1. Verify Server is up to date (instructions here)
  2. Verify Server System Requirements (instructions here)
  3. Software Pre-Check (click here)
  4. Download and Verify SQL Server Install (instructions here)
  5. Install SQL Server (instructions here)
  6. Configure SQL Server to listen on TCP/IP (instructions here)
  7. Configure Windows Firewall (instructions here)
  8. Enable SQL Server Browser (instructions here)
  1. Verify Workstation Requirements (see here)
  2. Download latest version of WS (Download WS 11.2.8)
  3. Install WS (instructions here)
  4. Connect WS to SQL Server (instructions here)
  5. If installation or connecting encounters an error, please see the Troubleshooting section for Installation before contacting Osnium
  6. Test login to verify

Now that SQL Server is installed, you will now need to restore the NCCADV default database (please note that if you have been using WS and having inputted information, the steps below will REMOVE ALL INFORMATION, please backup or contact Osnium is you have any concerns that you may lose and information):

  1. Download the following file and extract the database from the zip file (download here)
  2. Restore NCCADV’s default database (instructions here)
  3. Once Restore is complete you can login to WS using Administrator as the UserName and Password of ABC, please note that the password is CaSE sENSitIVe.

Congratulations You have Now Installed The WS Server Component and default database!

Warning!!! Do not run this script until you have done a backup of your database! Warning!!!

This script is only meant to be run on earlier versions of the database. To determine what version you are currently running on please compare the below images to your system.

The above image is of the new client window. If your system looks like this then you are not running on a North Carolina Master database. You should contact Osnium Software immediately.


The above image is a screenshot of the version one database new client window. If you see nothing in the area marked in red and there is no “homeless” check box then you are running version one of the database. You should now go to the “Database Update Script Instructions” section down below. 

This is a screenshot of the version two new client window. If your system has a homeless check box outlined in the picture then you are running version two of the database and the Update script does not apply to you.


Database Update Script Instructions

Warning!!! Do not run this script until you have done a backup of your database! Warning!!!

  1. Download the following file and extract the database from the zip file: North Carolina Update Script.zip
  2. Open Start Menu > Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 > SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Connect to the appropriate instance of the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine, in Object Explorer, click the server name to expand the server tree.
  4. Expand Databases.
  5. Left-click the database to be updated once.
  6. Left-Click File, point to Open, Left-Click “File…” in the new drop down that appeared.
  7. Browse to the file that you downloaded and extracted. Select Open.
  8. At the Top Left of your screen you should see an “Execute” button. Before you press that button make sure that the drop down to the left is the name of the database that you want to update.
  9. If everything looks fine Left-Click “Execute”.
  10. Download, extract (download here)
  11. Import Model File (instructions here):
  12. Follow the instructions provided by the document inside the previously downloaded file.

North Carolina Manual for WS

Please download the following zip file to access a copy of the NCCADV Manual for WS in Microsoft Word format.


Access the Report Documentation here.


Welcome to the NCCADV Reporting Guides section for WS. Please refer to the current reporting guides found in our online documentation.

Within the guides, each question for reporting is broken down to the following:
Report to Execute
Parameters to modify for specific Question
Example output with highlighting of which number or section to report with
Some questions within the reporting guide may produce results for various questions within, this is combined so the report does not need to be execute multiple times creating loss of work time.

General Reports are used in WS to provide detailed results for Activity Sessions, Calls and Stays, each reporting on the Service (as mentioned above), and in addition, details about the Person (being a Client, Child or Alleged Abuser).

Importing Reports

Click here to download instruction on downloading a report from the documentation website.

Click here to download instructions on importing a report.

Troubleshooting Import Errors

A typical error that an occur is having an out-of-date version of WS.  This error would look similar to this:

In the event that you encounter an error while importing report, Osnium would suggest updating the version of WS. Please go to the Installation of WS section to obtain the latest version of WS, but before updating the version, please use and follow these steps:

  1. Very important – Backup existing database on Server (instructions here)
  2. Backup at least one Config file other than the Server (instructions here) (if more than just the server)
  3. Repeat steps #4 – #7 on each Workstation
  4. Uninstall the current (out of date) version of WS (Start Menu > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > Locate WS > Right Click > Uninstall)
  5. Install the lastest version of WS (see installation instructions above)
  6. Restore/Overwrite existing Config file from backup file in step #2 (instructions here)
  7. Verify login to WS