os-soft Campus Edition

If you are looking for a database to help your campus advocate, os-soft Campus is perfect for you. Our software makes it easy to track the services and outreach events provided by advocates, allowing them more time to focus on their clients.

Use os-soft Campus to track incidents, advocacy services, accommodations, administrative cases, criminal process cases, referrals, professional development and community outreach.

With os-soft Campus you have the ability to set required fields, create permission levels, export data, batch import data and perform a wide variety of custom reporting.

Customizable Layout

The customizable layout allows the advocate to track details specific to their campus. During our hands on implementation process we ensure the database collects all of your required data elements.

Case Management

The database allows advocates to track clients and mark them as either active or inactive clients. Advocate tasks lists can then be created to quickly show the advocate which tasks/services remain outstanding.

Built in Reports

WS Campus contains a variety of built in reports that are used to easily pull statistics from the database. These reports can be used to generate all of the data required for Clery reporting.